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Enriching lives through music and community.

Most people can hear a certain song and it will take them back to a prior experience, maybe to a feeling had and relived through a melody. Idyltime is comprised of four souls eternally searching for the source of this nostalgia. People often say that their music takes them back to a memory, and it reminds them of the good in the world.

Idyltime, a band originally playing bluegrass out of southern Oregon, re-formed in 2011 when Beth and Tate Mason moved to Boise, Idaho. There they joined up with Dave Daley and Ava Honey who were hosting a weekly old-time jam at Pengilly’s Saloon. Dave and Ava continue to be extremely active in developing the acoustic roots music and square dance scene in Boise. With over 40 years of fiddling, Dave brings a lifetime of musical experience to the original songwriting of the Idyltime.


Fiddle, banjo, dobro, guitar, upright bass. Four voices, eight hands, forty fingers. Let’s pick!

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